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It is pretty challenging to find call tracker among best call history tracker apps when you have so many online options. It is even more daunting to get stuck with the mobile spy scams and squandering all your money on some that won’t work.

Call history tracking can tell you who called your kid, spouse, employee, or any of your target users. Tracking incoming and outgoing calls can unveil a lot about someone. For instance, by monitoring your teen’s calls, you can find out who contacts your kid and for how long your child talk with someone on phone calls.

Parents can discover the social circle of their kids. At the same time, employers can find out the details of incoming and outgoing work phone calls.

Do you want to track someone’s call?

10 Top-Selling Call History Tracker Apps for Call Logs Monitoring

Here is a list of 10 top call history tracker apps that will help you monitor the call duration along with contact details, secretly and remotely.

Continue reading and discover specific spying features of each of the above mentioned call logger apps.

Let’s begin, shall we?


TheWiSpy is a cell phone spy app with state-of-the-art mobile monitoring and tracking features. This ultimate mobile spyware is our best choice for call tracking activities.

TheWiSpy enables you to get complete call logs details of your target device. You can track incoming and outgoing call history along with contact details and call duration. Parents can benefit from TheWiSpy call logs tracking feature to discover the people who contact their kids. Employers can spy on work phones and get the call details of their staff members.

TheWiSpy — Other Features:

TheWiSpy Price: $9.99/15 days (limited time offer).


FlexiSpy is a well-known remote spyware app compatible with smartphones, tablets, and computers. It is a powerful spyware that allows you to track call details in real-time. Using FlexiSpy, you can track the call history of your target phone. FlexiSpy delivers a detailed report on incoming and outgoing call duration, contact information, along with timestamps.

FlexiSpy — Other Features:

FlexiSpy Price: $29.95/month.


mSpy is a popular parental control app designed to track and control kids’ online activities. The app also offers call logs monitoring feature that enables parents to keep eagle eyes on incoming and outgoing calls of their kids. Parents can view contacts who frequently call their kids. Moreover, parents can find out how often and for how long their kids spend time talking on their phones.

mSpy — Other Features:

mSpy Price: $29.99/month.


CocoSpy is a mobile spyware and monitoring tool. You can use CocoSpy to monitor your kids as well as your employees. CocoSpy is a reliable app that tracks calls and records duration, contact name, and number along with timestamps. You can track call logs remotely and monitor call history whenever you want.

CocoSpy — Other Features

CocoSpy Price: $39.99/month.


Spyic is yet another cell phone tracking and monitoring software. It offers robust call tracking features. Using the Spyic app, you can track call logs remotely. Moreover, the app delivers a complete record of the most frequent callers of your target device.

Spyic — Other Features:

Spyic Price: $39.99/month.

Highster Mobile:

Highster Mobile is an elite cell phone tracking app compatible with both Android and iOS devices. This efficient tool records the details of the incoming and outgoing calls. The app uploads the recorded data such as timestamps, call duration, and contact information on a web-based control panel from where you can monitor call history remotely.

Highster Mobile — Other Features:

Highster Mobile Price: $29.99/month.


iSpyoo is a great cell phone monitoring spyware with high-end call logs tracking feature. You can view the call history of your target cell phone without even accessing it physically. Once installed in your target phone, iSpyoo stealthily tracks call history and uploads it on an online control panel. You can view the contact name, number, call duration, and timestamps of your target phone whenever you want.

iSpyoo — Other Features:

iSpyoo Price: $21.99/month.


MobiStealth, as the name indicates, is non-intrusive mobile spyware offering a broad range of features. The app is a premium choice for call logs tracking.

Using MobiStealth, you can monitor inbound and outbound call details in real-time. The call tracker app enables you to monitor frequent callers of your target device. Also, you can view the contact information, call duration, etc., using the MobiStealth app.

MobiStealth — Other Features:

MobiSteath Price: $$59.99/month.


Here is another powerful app for tracking the call history of your target phone. Copy9 is a secure and reputable mobile monitoring software that delivers power-packed spying features at affordable rates. You can monitor inbound and outbound call details and find out the contact information of people who call your loved ones. Moreover, Copy9 enables you to monitor deleted call records, including; call duration, contact details, etc.

Copy9 — Other Features:

Copy9 Price: $21.6/month.


uMobix is another power-packed mobile monitoring app with various spying features. Call tracking is one of the popular features of uMobix app. Using this tool, you can monitor the incoming and outgoing call details without letting the target user know.

uMobix — Other Features:

uMobix Price: $29.99/month.

The Final Words:

Living in the digitalized world, it has become essential to keep tabs on our loved ones’ mobile activities. Call history tracking is one of the parental concerns by which parents can discover their juveniles’ social circle. But choosing the best call logs tracking application is challenging as the internet contains countless apps claiming to provide a definite feature. To save your time and money, we have discussed the top 10 call history tracking apps that actually work. We hope that you’ll find these apps useful for call logs monitoring of your target phone.

Originally published at https://www.thewispy.com on November 27, 2020.



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